Spa Service

For guest’s relaxation and comfort, C151 serves various exclusive treatments both inside and outside of the villa. Further fully trained therapists and beauticians always indulge and comprehend all guests’ expectation.

Traditional Oriental Full Body
Our signature massage, our own rejuvenating and stimulating blend of techniques combine long massage strokes, deep stimulation on muscles and joints along with great stretching. (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, reflexology)

Tension Relief
Sitting long hours on planes or over a desk, improper posture have inspired these highly beneficial techniques. Our therapists are trained to relieve tension and stress in specific parts of the body. Foot reflexology will also stimulate the body’s recuperative power. Choose from neck, shoulders, upper back; lower back or full back.

Foot Reflexology Discovery
Tonifying and balancing. Acupressure, deep strokes and drainage will make your feet and full body feel entirely new. Start with, lavender, peppermint, flower petals foot wash for 60 mns. Our 90 mns treatment starts with a luxurious aromatic and mineral salts foot bath while our staffs massage your neck and shoulders.

Royal Javanese Body Scrub Mandi Lulur
The lulur enhanced with the softness of mangir combines a blend of spices and roots rubbed onto the whole body to exfoliate the skin. It is followed by a refreshing yogurt moisturizer restoring your skin

Green Tea Body Scrub
Green tea is an antioxidant par excellence, to counteract aging and toxins. In this scrub, it’s especially beneficial for oily skin.

Body Mask Wrap/Balinese Boreh
Pepper, clove and ginger are mixed in the “Boreh” of natural ingredients used to stimulate bllod circulation and eliminate toxins

Four Hands Massage
A new signature massage, a marvelous choreography performed by two therapists working in perfect harmony produces an unforgettable journey. Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Stretching, Percussions and Rocking are used in this technique.

Relaxing Mineral Flores Island Sea Mud Body Scrub
Mineral rich Flores Island Sea Mud is mixed with essential oils of cedar wood, cananga, ornage and thyme, which is rubbed to exfoliate the skin, leaving you completely relaxed and refreshed, product from Spa Essential Singapore.